Beretta BRX-1 with FBT UNIC stock. A design concept.

Beretta BRX1 | the NEW straight-pull rifle | FBT UNIC stock design concept

… or in other words: MORE ergonomics, MORE precision, LESS weight with your Beretta BRX1 standard rifle!

“With the BRX1, Beretta dares to venture into the world of modern bolt action rifles.”

First of all: Except for the plastic stock, the Beretta rifle concept impressed us so much that we asked FBT for a design study with a UNIC carbon stock. See for yourself – the picture says more than a thousand words – or not? Whether it will exist or not depends on the feedback?

Beretta BRX1 mit UNIC Carbonschaft | Designstudie

Beretta BRX1 with UNIC carbon shaft | Design study

Introduction and thoughts on the Beretta BRX1 | Driven hunt weapon as a straight pull repeater

A few days ago, the Beretta weapons company presented their new BRX1 weapon with a weight of 3.3 kg at a surprise price of unbelievable ONLY € 1,599.

In the past, such innovations were presented at the IWA, but now many things are very different and such a surprise is actually also fun!

In any case, this announcement made us very curious and we immediately struck gold with videos on the Internet.

After watching the video you can really assume one thing: The Beretta BRX1 is really a kind of “egg-laying woolly milk sow”. The weapon has a modular structure and is equipped with very clever features. Just take a look for yourself.

Beretta BRX1 weapon – video and introduction


It can be read that the Beretta engineers worked on the construction of this weapon for around five years. The result is a modern straight-action repeater with a tried and tested twist lock with eight lugs (the Beretta rifle comes in magnum cartridges with a two-row lug arrangement of the rotating head – i.e. 16 lugs). The lock reminds you of the Steel Action rifle.

Beretta BRX1 Schlageinheit im Abzugssystem
Beretta BRX1 trigger system

The gun security is clearly visible. You think to see a tension in the hand. But that’s not how it is. It is a “three-position safety”. In the secured state, the impact unit (hammer) is mechanically blocked and completely decoupled from the trigger system.

It is also not immediately apparent that the striking unit is also located in the removable trigger unit.

Unlike other hunting rifle manufacturers, the firing pin is not moved to the primer by a compression spring located in the breech, but by a hammer (similar to a pistol or revolver). The hammer then strikes the firing pin.

Beretta BRX1 Waffe | Geradezugrepetierer

Beretta BRX1 weapon | Straight pull repeater

The BRX1 running system reminds the attentive observer of the Monobloc system from Steyr Arms. The barrel, transition cone and cartridge chamber are made from one piece of steel using the cold hammering process and in the future will simply be available as an interchangeable barrel system with 2 screws.

Ingeniously, Beretta has succeeded in building the BRX1 weapon modularly as standard so that it can be converted into a real left-hand or right-hand weapon in just a few simple steps. Only the locking unit has to be turned by 180 ° and the bolt handle has to be repositioned – done!

So you have a full-fledged left- or right-handed weapon available in a short time. This is also ideal for using the weapon as an “all-round guest weapon”.

Beretta has achieved another highlight. The simple change of trigger weights. There are three weights to choose from for the trigger unit: 900 g, 1100 g or 1300 g.

If you want to change the trigger weight, all you have to do is raise a clamp lock (video at minute 7:28) and the trigger unit can be removed. Then you can set the desired weight and reinstall the unit – done.

Beretta BRX1 in a practical test