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Heym SR21 and SR30

May we present our newest development: the Revolution thumbhole stock for Heym SR21 and SR30! The accurate, high quality Heym system is fully embedded in carbon and offers all advantages of straight pull bolt action rifles. The new, reworked thumbhole stock, as it’s predecessors, offers a perfect fit for right handed and left handed marksmen alike. The smooth and comfortable handling in combination with the recoil reduction of the carbon stock are what make this the best and most lightweight stock for Heym systems.

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Fair attendance

Again this year, Fine Ballistic Tools is on the road to showcase the newest carbon stocks to the public eye. Starting with “Jagd und Hund” in the city of Dortmund we continue over to “Hohe Jagd” in Salzburg and “IWA” in Nürnberg. Our summary is truly pleasant. The steady increase of interest and demand as well as the overwhelming feedback give us the confirmation and motivation for further developments. Our direct contact with our client base grants us insight into product requirements. Our this year’s highlight is the first carbon stock for the Heym SR21 and SR30 as well as our integrated suppressor prototype “Integrated carbon silencer – Incas”. We’re looking forward to seeing you again next year in the same locations.

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Print media presence

Our partner Steyr Mannlicher enjoys great media attention. The “STEYR CARBON” is Steyr-Mannlicher’s most up-to-date product, combining highest quality with a superergonomic carbon stock. 100% Made in Austria.