INCA manual

  • This silencer can be used for all calibers up to .308 or 7,82mm. Also, .300 Norma Magnum can be used without a problem.
  • It is designed for civilian applications only, such as hunting or shooting sports. After 10-15 shots in quick succession, a break of several minutes is to be made in order to avoid overheating and permanent damage.
  • Before use, firm seating and proper alignment is to be checked. Should one of the two not be achieved, the silencer must not be used and has to be inspected by a professional gunsmith.
  • Before transportation, detaching the silencer from the barrel is advised to avoid any damage.
  • After use, the drill hole should be moistened with oil. Inserting the included brush 1-2 times from the muzzle with a drop of oil is sufficient.
  • Store the silencer upright in a dry place. Also make sure the circulation of air is possible.